The Viking Conquers Again! Romance Cover Winner of 2015


Our dark haired Fabioesque,  Santa-booted Viking (that IS what the back cover says!) was the runaway winner in our 2015 Romance Cover Contest!  Yes it was my personal favorite from these rather outlandish choices, but I promise I did not sway the voting too much….  The winning title is Surrender My Love by the prolific romance author Johanna Lindsey, and this soon to be classic was published in 1994.  I would have guessed that was ’80’s hair, but I guess it lasted a little longer than that!

photoEvery year I have to include a “minimal skin choice”, and this year’s candidate was The Piratical Miss Ravenhurst.  Cleavage may have been modest, but clearly Miss Ravenhurst was not!  Maybe it was the look of adoration that made this cover a fan favorite. This choice narrowly won the second place honor, edging out the desperate Bianca on the vintage cover of The Golden Hawk by Frank Yerby.  Go figure.  photo

The buxom lass and her pirate featured on Captive Embraces  by Fern Michaels surprised me by coming in last place.  This winner was published in 1979, which shows a few things – 1) that Fern Michaels has been writing a long time, her current titles have much less flamboyant covers ,  2) That pirates just don’t go out of romantic favor despite some obvious olfactory flaws with that theory, and 3) If your romantic heroine is going to entice a pirate, she photoshould definitely be named Sirena like this heroine!

We had good help to pick the gift certificate winners thank you girls! The winners are Laura and Mary, each received $25 gift certificates.

This is always a fun contest, thank you all for playing along!




Library Reseeding Gift Certificates

Last Friday, we watched fire truck after fire truck roar by the front window.  We knew the winds were howling and obviously a fire was threatening to our north.  It wasn’t until much later that night and then the next day we realized what horrific damage that fire, the Round Fire, did to the homes of our friends and customers in Round Valley, Swall Meadows and Paradise.  Of course we join everyone in relief that there were no more serious injuries, and appreciate the efforts of the many, many firefighters and helping neighbors who did what they could to prevent worse damages.  Not  much else can be added. 

For those who did lose their homes, you have our heartfelt sympathy.  I know many of you are book lovers and readers.  When you have shelves to refill, we would like to help replace your treasured volumes, so there are gift certificates available here at the store for each household.   Any one at the front counter can sign one out for your family with some form of identification.   If you have any questions, please contact Diane at the store.

Later Beat Poetry Treasure

imagesome / thing

Volume One, Number Two

Winter 1965


Published in 1965 by Hawk’s Well Press, New York, this collection of mostly poetry (although there are some stretches here) has selections by Ted Berrigan, Margaret Randall, Diane Wakoski, George Brecht, and Jerome Rothenberg (who is also one of the editors), among others. For those with an appreciation of the edge that the Beat generation from the fifties walked, this small book will satisfy the reader with an appreciation of the avant-garde sixties and the continuing experimental literature, performance theatre and conceptual art that proliferated well into the next decade. The cover, in black and white, is a photograph of a sculpture by minimalist Robert Morris.

If you remember the sixties, or desire to learn about an era that was before your time, this book will open doors and stimulate an inquiry into several of these artists, many of whom are still living and creating, and where they took this early period of inspiration and freedom.

Thanks to Bookseller Jill Paydon for this review.  Stop in soon to discuss books with Jill!