So Long High School and Congrats to Kara, Celica, and Ivy! Way to Go Ella and Erin!

It is time again to congratulate several members of our extended store “family” who have completed an academic milestone!  Of course we are excited to see where they go, and what they do next, but we can confidently say their future will include plenty of good books.

Kara has actually already finished her high school curriculum and is attending Cerro Coso classes, but graduation ceremonies this week at Palisade High School will make it official.  She shelves for us, and is also a talented artist and self taught computer web page designer.  The coming year will be one for making decisions on what comes next, but we are glad she is working on our shelves in the meanwhile!

Kara will celebrate graduation at Palisades this week!



Celica worked for us more than a year shelving and scooping ice cream until last summer.  She entertained dozens of kids at our various events, and entertains all ages in church and in the

Congratulations Celica on your graduation from BUHS!

community with her beautiful voice and musical talents.  Be sure to listen for her at the BUHS graduation!  I am sure her future studies will include music too.

Our bookseller Susan’s daughter, Ivy, will also be donning the cap and gown on Friday night, in preparation for her next academic chapter at Chico State.  Nothing like the baby of the family graduating to stir up the emotions, but we know Ivy has much to look forward to, and mom has visiting her at her own alma mater to look forward to as well!


Ella (on the left) moves on to Bishop Union in the fall!

We also want to extend congratulations to our shelver Ella who just completed 8th grade at Round Valley and moves on to the fun times at Bishop Union next year.




I dont have a photo of Erin handy, but this gives you the idea of her cool self.

And we can’t forget our super energetic  ice cream scooper and shelver

of  last summer, Erin Barnes, who just completed nursing school!  Rumor has it she was top of her class too.  Good luck in your career Erin!



Lastly, we congratulate all of the graduates throughout the Eastern Sierra.  We are glad to be here to help with your assigned reading and research, but most especially for your pleasure reading!  If your plans include college, it is a hard time to get recreational reading done, but please don’t lose the habit, it will enrich your life in so many ways.  Whatever your do in the years to come, we hope you continue to study, research and ponder, and as my dear friend the artist Robert Miller said, create something every day.  All the best to you grads!


The Future of Wildness – Author Event & Booksigning

We have a unique opportunity next week to discuss a topic near and dear to most of us in the Eastern Sierra – how humans relate with the wild world.  Author John Hausdoerffer is traveling through Bishop on his way to experience some Sierra wildness, and offered to spend the evening reading and leading a discussion with us.  Hausdoerffer coedited a new book, Wildness:  Relations of People and Place, just published by University of Chicago Press earlier this year.

The event will take place Friday, May 12 at 7:00.  Location will be at Range & River Books at 206 N. Main, unless we need a bigger venue, in which case it will move to Inyo Council for the Arts.  Please call to RSVP and/or reserve a copy of the book so that we can best accommodate the interested public.

hausdoerffer wildness book photo

John Hausdoerffer is the director of the Master in Environmental Management at Western Colorado University in Gunnison, CO, where he serves as a Professor of Environmental Sustainability and Philosophy. He is also a fellow with the Center for Humans and Nature in Chicago.

Co-edited with Gavin Van Horn from the Center for Humans and Nature, Wildness features creative nonfiction essays that explore the spectrum of wildness found in wilderness areas, on working landscapes, and in urban communities. The book merges culturally diverse voices to delve into the evolution of “wildness,” including Gary Snyder, Vandana Shiva, Wes Jackson, The Black Land Project, Curt Meine, Julianne Warren, Robert Michael Pyle, Robin Kimmerer, Aaron Abeyta, Winona LaDuke, and Roderick Frazier Nash.

“Where ‘wilderness’ has become a divisive term in the environmental community,” explains Hausdoerffer, “’wildness’ has great potential to connect disparate branches of environmentalism. I look forward to exploring that potential with the Bishop community.”  Hausdoerffer will also read from his essays that appear in Wildness and may show clips from a documentary, “Wildness.”

The talk is free and open to the public.

Author John Hausdoerffer
Author John Hausdoerffer

Rare Collection of Fine Edward Abbey Books Up for Sale Now!

Not a day goes by that we don’t have requests for “anything” by Edward Abbey, especially Desert Solitaire.  Usually the book implied is a well thumbed, and somewhat scraggly copy to throw in the backpack – enough like the author to be fitting I suppose.  Well, that is not the collection of books that came in.

 We are going to offer them for sale locally for several weeks before listing them for sale through online marketplaces.  If you are interested, please come in soon!

Edward Abbey (1927-1989) was not born in the desert, but adopted it wholeheartedly after his first visit at 17.  He went on to author 23 books including poetry, fiction and nonfiction, plus anthologies, letters, and articles.  He studied writing with Wallace Stegner at Stanford as well as philosophy and English.  Most people are probably familiar with his relentless persona even if they have not read his works, but his crusty fictional characters usually personified his anarchist, environmental views. “Obey little, resist much” was a favored line.  Few authors are more beloved though, for descriptive writing of the desert Southwest and appreciation of wilderness.

The collection we received was acquired over decades and includes fine first editions of numerous works, two signed first editions, biographies, and very good paperbacks of additional titles.  We also have several memorial editions of the  Edward Abbey Western Wilderness Calendars (1991-1994), and other ephemera.  Some highlights are listed below.

The Art Opening Project

If you have noticed the very creative artwork gracing our walls in the Children’s area and hallway, we have The Art Opening Project to thank!  Artists and teachers Erin Boehme and Hannah Burgoyne are working with local classrooms to publicly display student’s artworks.

The Art Opening Project – Tending the Gardens of Creativity – is funded through the Dorcas Birchim Art Fund and is in partnership with Wild Roots Forest School Eastern Sierra.  The goal is to support children’s creativity and contribution to our community through inclusive art projects, individual creations, public display and community involvement.   Learn more about the project at the website ( or by contacting Erin at

The first show to arrive on our walls is the work of Mrs. Arcularius’s Fourth Grade class from Round Valley Elementary.  The students learned about Native American storytelling traditions and read some wonderful retellings of Native American legends.  Each student then created a multimedia collage representing a legend/book, with stunning results.  As a bonus for displaying their work, in addition to the recognition for their creativity, each student will receive special coupons for visiting their display.

Erin will coordinate future displays with classroom teachers.  Please contact her if you are interested!

Leprechaun Party Wrap Up – 2017

Enjoy some pictures of our friends large and small celebrating with the leprechauns and fairies this year!  The leprechauns were particularly mischievous hiding the treasure, in fact it is still turning up, but everyone had fun!

2017 Leprechaun Party and Storytime on St. Patty’s Day!

DSC_0838Again this year we will celebrate the leprechauns and all the wee folk of the world ON St. Patrick’s Day!  Join us Friday, March 17, from 5:30 to 8:00 for stories, crafts, games, treats and Treasure for kids of all ages.  It is an Open House, so come as you can, all activities are on going.

This is a free event.  We do have a lucky fairy well to toss coins in, which also helps support community literacy events.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlp-stories1

A tall leprechaun
A tall leprechaun
Blake found his treasure!
Blake found his treasure!

We have a Winner! 2017’s “Best” Romance Cover

2017 Romance Cover Winner!

Well the Old West equals romance once  again!  At least that was the opinion of most Range & River customers in February 2017 AND 2016!  Winning the Widow’s Heart won by a 2 to 1 margin – really – despite the whole laundry aspect that I found just a little disturbing.  A man lovingly cradling the baby though, that tugs the heartstrings!  Many voters did really appreciate the Bodie view, so maybe it had nothing to do with laundry on or off the models.

Last year’s winner had a fully clothed Western theme too.


2016 Romance Cover Winner
2016 Romance Cover Winner






The Runner Up award goes to the notoriously muscular Highlander on To Marry A Scottish Laird.  It has a nice color scheme.

2017 Romance Cover Runner-Up
2017 Romance Cover Runner-Up


Our friend Elan chose the lucky gift certificate winners.  The team of Mackenzie and Camilla, as well as artist Ken Hooper  (who knows a good action cover when he sees one),  won $25 gift certificates for books or music of whatever genre they love most.

You can bet we will include a Western cover next year, to see if this trend continues.  Thanks for playing everyone!








The ABA and Free Speech

I  hold the annual dues bill from the American Booksellers Association with trepidation each year.  It seems like such a large chunk in the slow winter months when I could send that money in so many other directions.  So I  annually reevaluate the decision to participate.  I do love the Indie Next Lists we offer to customers, the Book Page reviews, and bookstore news though, so I eventually send off my check.

The ABA is also a strong and active voice to protect free speech, something we have become a little complacent about.  Stir up some controversy though, and we remember how fragile the right to free speech really is.

With the cancellation of Simon & Schuster publishing contract with “conservative firebrand” Milo Yiannopoulos for his book Dangerous, due out in June, the ABA published a thoughtful and appreciated article in its bookseller newsletter on the topic. Some booksellers were boycotting Simon & Schuster for agreeing to publish the book, which of course is a protected First Amendment right, but one that may cause publishers to limit their taking on controversial topics in the future.  I don’t want to read Yiannopoulos’s book, I probably wouldn’t stock it in the store, I don’t even know why his views should interest me.  I resent the label conservative being linked with hatefulness.  But the controversy could just as easily be over something else – Harriet Beecher Stowe and Nelson Mandela were controversial. Wendell Berry, a writer I adore, is an activist, sometimes angrier than others,  and I would be devastated if his work went unpublished.  Obviously this is just a simple little example of a giant topic, but I’m glad the ABA is taking the principled stand they have.

Below is the summation of ABA’s statement. I can only respond with “Well put and thank you, my check is on its way.”


Simon & Schuster Cancels Yiannopoulos Book | American Booksellers Association

From the beginning of the controversy over Dangerous, ABA has defended the freedom of publishers and booksellers to sell the titles they want,” ABA CEO Oren Teicher commented. “The First Amendment protects the right of Simon & Schuster to cancel Dangerous, just as it protected their right to acquire it. And without question, the First Amendment also protects the right of consumers to boycott publishers in protest about any particular title, and for a bookseller to decide what titles will be carried in his or her store. As abhorrent or as distasteful as some subjects may be, ABA remains concerned about the rising pressure on publishers to cancel or change books because someone finds them offensive.”

Romance Cover Contest – 2017!

So excited to present the Romance Cover Contestants for the year!  We’ve gone with a romantic Bride theme because… well because there are some great ones! It may also be an “Awkward Pose” theme, but that is for you to decide.  To participate in this titillating contest, all you have to do is select your favorite cover and cast your vote (daily if you want)  here in comments, in person in the store, or by email.

We don’t judge, or make any rules about what constitutes a favorite cover.  These doozies get picked for their eye roll quality, beauty, actual romantic quality, silliness…you get the idea. Interestingly, four of the five are from the 2010’s, proving that bodice rippers endure.

We will tally the votes at the end of the month to declare the official People’s Choice winner, and then draw some winners from the voters to receive RRB Gift Certificates.  Don’t you wish national elections were this much fun?

Here are the 2017 Contestants:

#1  To Marry a Scottish Laird by Lynsay Sands  (2014)


Highlanders like pirates are a favorite for covers, I guess it is the kilts?  Or Swords?  This swooning princess has found herself a Laird who is going to catch pneumonia in the chilly Highlands.






#2  The Earl Claims His Wife  by Cathy Maxwell (2010)


Well isn’t this blue dress pretty?  What more needs to be said?







#3  Winning the Widow’s Heart by Sherri Shackelford  (2012)


Is it holding the baby, or watching her do laundry in Bodie that will capture this poor woman’s lonely heart?  Read on to find out! He is clearly a very sweet man, taking time out from playing poker to hold this cherub.

(This is a fully clothed option for all of you that turn shades of pink looking at the others.)




#4  Wyoming Bride  by Joan Johnston (2013)

IMG_7838 Author Joan Johnston has been in the line up before with her spicy Cowboy covers.  I think this is also a contender for “most awkward pose”.  I’m also amazed that he wore his gun belt for the wedding, clearly he had a lot of protecting to do, and hoping he loses it before things go any further….just dangerous.





#5  Mountain Rose  by Norah Hess  (1993)

IMG_7839Not yet a bride in this cover art, but the hero Chase Donlin’s niece…wait, what?  Hmmm,  clearly there is more to this story .  This couple is in the mountains on a trapping expedition that appears to get steamy.  An early voter already declared this the most “expressive” contestant.  I just hope it is not his niece.