Red Heads Rule in Annual Romance Cover Contest!

Yes the infamous Romance Cover Contest is back, and you can vote once a day from February 1 through 28!  The theme for the year is sizzling red heads, or demure red heads, or….well take a look at the contestants.

The contest is easy enough.  Just consider our stellar examples of outrageous romance covers, and pick your favorite.  We don’t define favorite, you have to do that!  Toss your vote in the bucket at the store or enter with an email or comment on the website or Facebook page.  We do tally the votes to see how the tastes of the Owens Valley amaze us, but a winner is drawn randomly from all of the votes.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE READ THE BOOK, OR EVER READ THE BOOK.  We are just light heartedly judging these books by their covers!  Of course if you want to read the book, we will save it for you in March!

Grand prize is a $25 gift certificate, good throughout the store!

Here are the contestants:

  #1  Capture the Sun by Shirl Henke
This novel features a “flame-haired beauty” suffering a forced marriage in the Montana wilderness, with a few fringe benefits and a forbidden love.  Published in 1988, it interestingly uses pink watercolors to capture the searing Western sky…

  #2  Valor’s Reward by Jean R. Ewing
A Regency Romance (notice the high waisted dress?)  has the requisite Lord in conflict with our red haired heroine, at least for a while.  Their conflict went to an extreme with shots fired and injury inflicted, how romantic is that?  Despite the historic subject, this choice was published in 1996.

#3  Ready, Aim….I Do! by Debra Webb

Intrigue for this red head, a  CIA Special Agent appropriately named Ginger,  is a sham marriage to another special agent who is in mortal danger.  Not a typical honeymoon, apparently!  This one is recent, published in 2013.

#4   A Warrior’s Passion  by Margaret Moore
Wales is the romantic location choice for this fully clothed option.  Misty hills, castles, and flowing red locks on the heroine is romantic perfection!  This is a 1998 publication

#5  Shadow Dance  by Anne Stuart

His are the flowing locks on this classic cover, and red curls are demurely tucked away.  Despite his name, Valerian, a sedative herb, and some confusing cross dressing, the inside teaser  on this one is plenty steamy.  I don’t think anyone stays demure too long in this 1993 classic.

#6  Misery by Stephen King

What?!  Stephen King?  Well look inside my friends!  Not only is it a red headed heroine, but the male looks suspiciously like Mr. King himself!  If you don’t remember the story line in Misery, the main character is an author, Paul Sheldon, and his book is featured inside.  

So take a minute and cast your vote with an email or comment!  Or come in and take a closer look.  We love to hear your opinions and observations!

Enjoy a Sundae with Your Valentine!

If you are looking for a fun treat to share with your valentine this year, stop in for a sundae!  We will be topping the yummy Cascade Glacier Ice Cream with chocolate or other toppings, whipped cream, nuts, and cherries.  Sized for two, although you may decide to keep it all to your self, no problem.

The Sundae for Two will be $7.50.  A mini version will only be $4.50.  Regularly priced cones and dishes range from $2.50 to $4.50. You may want to find a book to read to each other while you are here too!

So Many Gifts, and Plenty of Time!

Whether your gift list is short or a mile long, we have many unique items that will help you cross off names!  Don’t forget how nice it is to see the exact item you are buying, and take it home in your hot little hands to stick under the tree.  We will even wrap it up with a bow if you like!

Our works by local artists make wonderful gifts, as do gift certificates, unique vintage or antiquarian books, toys, new books, jewelry, gift card holders, models, and more, more, more!  Christmas may not come from a store, but fun gifts sure can if you keep it local!

Here are some ideas for you to consider –

Chocolate Art Walk 2017 – Recap

Super crowds and perfect weather were out for the annual Chocolate Art Walk!  We thoroughly enjoyed music by The Muldoon Family Trio (Michael, Elijah and Matt Muldoon), plus the watercolors of Lynn Marit Peterson, pottery from Michael Cooke and Bart Godett, jewelry from Julie Prange, and all the other artsy wonders of the store!

Thank you so much to our crew of Courtney, Thomas and Ella for putting in a long evening to welcome the customers and dish the ice cream, and a huge thanks also to the artists who made it such fun.   Note that many of the works are still available for your holiday shopping!


Once Upon a Time…the Bookstore was Haunted!

Fall Fling & Banned Books Week Hits Main Street

So much to celebrate in the Eastern Sierra each fall!  Lets kick it off with the Downtown Bishop Fall Fling, California Indian Days, and Banned Books Week, starting this Friday, September 22!

The Bishop Chamber of Commerce has organized the first Fall Fling on Friday, appropriately the first day of Fall!  From 7-9 there will be open stores and entertainment up and down Main Street for a fun evening, plus a chance to win a raffle drawing.  At Range & River, we are going to kick off our Banned Books Week celebration too, so be sure to stop by to check out our Banned Books display and to enter the door prize drawing!  We will be sampling an new ice cream flavor, Wild Mountain Blackberry, which you will not want to miss either!

Courtney has been working her creative magic on our Banned Books Week displays, so we will have a special door prize to highlight this great nationwide event.  And what better time than California Indian Days to pick up a good book on Native American culture or history to learn more on the topic.  Stop by Paiute Palace where the Pabanamanina Powwow will be going on all weekend.


Yes. The Bookstore is for Sale

Well this is a hard post to write, but I need to stop putting it off.  I have decided to sell the book store in order to pursue other avenues with my family. It has been so much fun, and a very fulfilling occupation, but I need to do other things.   If you are interested in the specifics, please contact Diane at 760-937-7317.

Since the intent is to sell the whole business, our operations will remain the same for the time being.  I’m hoping that all of you bookish folks who read the blog posts will know the perfect new store owner – send him or her my way if you do!

The magical goat

Let me list some of the positives:

  • Ideal central location in Bishop with excellent foot traffic, decent parking, decent access.  Approximately 2,000 square feet including health department inspected kitchen for ice cream and beverage services, plus more if desired.  Upstairs space currently under utilized, but has potential.
  • Outstanding inventory in fiction, nonfiction, and popular genres.  Almost 5,000 books listed on on-line sales inventory.
  • Loyal customer base
  • Well trained, creative, and enthusiastic employees
  • Increasing online sales
  • Well designed web site established
  • Front porch
  • Varied and beautiful items from consignment sellers
  • City of Bishop working on enhancing downtown with various programs
  • Improving nationwide health of independent bookstores
  • As much or as little help/training from Diane as the new owner wishes

Of course we all know book sales have seen drastic hits since about 2008, but the news is improving.  Our store mirrors that trend, and we have the advantage of being able to sell food items and gifts/souvenirs.  It is such a pleasure to match people with good books, I know someone else will step in to carry on the 35 year tradition of The Worn Bookworm/East Side Books/Range & River Books.  Please call me if you have any questions.


So Long High School and Congrats to Kara, Celica, and Ivy! Way to Go Ella and Erin!

It is time again to congratulate several members of our extended store “family” who have completed an academic milestone!  Of course we are excited to see where they go, and what they do next, but we can confidently say their future will include plenty of good books.

Kara has actually already finished her high school curriculum and is attending Cerro Coso classes, but graduation ceremonies this week at Palisade High School will make it official.  She shelves for us, and is also a talented artist and self taught computer web page designer.  The coming year will be one for making decisions on what comes next, but we are glad she is working on our shelves in the meanwhile!

Kara will celebrate graduation at Palisades this week!



Celica worked for us more than a year shelving and scooping ice cream until last summer.  She entertained dozens of kids at our various events, and entertains all ages in church and in the

Congratulations Celica on your graduation from BUHS!

community with her beautiful voice and musical talents.  Be sure to listen for her at the BUHS graduation!  I am sure her future studies will include music too.

Our bookseller Susan’s daughter, Ivy, will also be donning the cap and gown on Friday night, in preparation for her next academic chapter at Chico State.  Nothing like the baby of the family graduating to stir up the emotions, but we know Ivy has much to look forward to, and mom has visiting her at her own alma mater to look forward to as well!


Ella (on the left) moves on to Bishop Union in the fall!

We also want to extend congratulations to our shelver Ella who just completed 8th grade at Round Valley and moves on to the fun times at Bishop Union next year.




I dont have a photo of Erin handy, but this gives you the idea of her cool self.

And we can’t forget our super energetic  ice cream scooper and shelver

of  last summer, Erin Barnes, who just completed nursing school!  Rumor has it she was top of her class too.  Good luck in your career Erin!



Lastly, we congratulate all of the graduates throughout the Eastern Sierra.  We are glad to be here to help with your assigned reading and research, but most especially for your pleasure reading!  If your plans include college, it is a hard time to get recreational reading done, but please don’t lose the habit, it will enrich your life in so many ways.  Whatever your do in the years to come, we hope you continue to study, research and ponder, and as my dear friend the artist Robert Miller said, create something every day.  All the best to you grads!