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Hello and welcome to all the friends and customers of East Side Books checking out our new website and blog!  And a huge thank you to Elizabeth Glazner of Sierra Webcenters (google that for more info on her business)  for a painless conversion to the 21st century.  Obviously I am a print and paper type person.  I love the heft and smell of books as well as a great story, but the reality is now digital, and this blog is my compromise.  Actually, I think our particular business has many, many interesting things to tell you about on a more frequent and consistent basis than traditional advertising or conversations when you come in.  There are the unique batches of books that come in, we may for example be suddenly inundated with classic children’s literature, watercolor techniques or the political history of Canada, any of which may be what you’ve  been looking for.  (We really have had those batches recently if interested).  We also have the fun children’s events to tell you about and pictures to post.   There are hundreds of sites to check out for reviews of current bestsellers,  but we have the treasures you may have forgotten about, the unique vintage memories from your Grandma’s shelf, and the great reading you did not even know to look for.  We really want you to visit the store and browse to discover treasure for yourself, but in recognition of reality, these posts may help.  Our staff and friends of the store look forward to writing about those treasures and sharing our enthusiasm!

I know it will take me a little time to be comfortable posting, adding pictures, remembering how to add captions, all of that good stuff, but it will be a fun addition to the store.  I also look forward to some FEEDBACK, so please comment and share your opinions.  I’ve said before that I think owning the store truly feels like maintaining a legacy, it is the community’s store, the community’s books we share with the world, and now your comments that will help keep the website and store vibrant.

The picture above (I already forgot how to put in captions) is of the fiction room shortly after I bought the store in 2005.  It was a test photo to show me how to insert photos, but I left it because it is a good reminder.  Yes that was before I had overstuffed the shelves and had overflow baskets on the floor.  (Emily, I am still amazed at your organizational skill).  While I acknowledge that I tend to overdo book buying, and therefore the shelves overflow, I really only buy books I want to read or think my customers want to read. (I am probably never going to read true crime or math books, I accept that.)  The best solution to my overflowing shelves is to move these great books to YOUR shelves!  If you have thoughts on what needs to be on the shelves or cleared out of the way, here’s your opportunity to comment!

Again welcome and thanks for looking up the website.  Please send us your contact information or subscribe if you want regular updates.  Please stop by the store too!


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