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Okay folks, we have figured out some of the new website, we’ve posted some blogs, and we are SO ready to hear back from you!  Really, we do look forward to some feedback regarding the posts and the store from all of you.  Expand on the book reviews, add your own summer reading recommendations, comment on the parties, complain about us not buying books in December (that probably won’t change though), remind me the carpet is worn out, whatever you care to share will be of interest.

To encourage you to break the ice and comment, we are starting a contest in July – two contests actually.  For the first contest, your name will be entered in a random drawing, one entry for each comment (assuming you are not sending us spam or other evil things which should be filtered out anyway with our high tech wizardry).  We’ll draw for the winner on August 1, and the prize?  A $20 East Side Gift Certificate!  One little comment could win you a month’s worth of reading!

The second contest may require a little more thought….we’ll post a question for all of our customers and readers and then pick our unbiased favorite, the most creative or most humorous, or whatever strikes us as the best, response.  The prize for that author?  A $25 East Side Gift Certificate!

Here’s the question for JulyWhat is the most unusual place you’ve read a book?

Can’t wait to read your comments,



11 thoughts on “Feedback Contest! You Can Win!

  1. Hi Diane,
    This springs to mind-sitting on the roof of the Kenai Moose Research Center in Alaska, 8 months pregnant, and watching for the captive caribou to give birth out in the field-thank goodness for books!

  2. As a fan of your store for so many years, I can’t believe I never visited the website!
    Here is what I am thinking!
    I have a burning desire to express myself in writing and won’t go into it much more here other than to ask if there is any interest out there in starting a writing support group-informal class-whatever?? Total Novices Welcome (like me 🙂 !!

  3. I have had a; lifelong relationship/addiction with books/reading/the printed word. Its’ a joy and a privilege to have access to this resource, I’ve spent many wonderful hours @ EastSide Books with past owners of the store [3 – plus sales associates]. I’ve belonged to other book ventures from; San Diego to Montana to India, but so far Bishop is where I call home. Which begs the question ‘What/where is the most unusual place you’ve/I’ve read a book’, for me it would be at the site of India’s claimed resting place of their Flood story. On the site of a Sulphur spring resides an Ancient-looking building, crafted of massive/roughly hewn timbers, creating a shrine in honor of an Indian Holy-Man [Manu], the subcontinent’s version of Noah and the Ark, if you were to see the structure you could believe it was made of the great ship’s timbers. So I read; Victor Hugo’s – L’es Miserables, in the village of Vashisht, overlooking the town of Manali, at the distant end of the Kullu Valley, within the NorthEastern Himalayas, of the state of Himachal Pradesh-India, with my friends – Samuel Hoffman from Germany and the Crown Prince/cab driver from Bhutan.

  4. Hi Diane,
    The most unusual place I have ever read a book was in a cave in the White Mountains of New Hampshire! My family was on a camping vacation as my Father liked to fish. It was an area we frequented. The cave was large enough to walk in to and I would take a lantern, a snack, a pillow and a good book. It was cool and quiet and I remember one book in particular was Shakespeare of London.

  5. Hi Diane,
    Website looks great!
    Most unusual place that I have read a book has to be up a tree! I used to love climbing trees as a kid and would bring a book along and find a comfortable limb to perch on and spend quiet time amongst the leaves and branches away from my younger brothers. If I was still as nimble I’d probably be up there now.

  6. Hello! Ever since I was 4 I have love love love LOVED books. I read them all the time- sometimes when I shouldn’t *cough cough math class*, so I’m always needing to get my hands on new ones. Thank goodness for Eastside Books, trading in my old ones for some new adventures also helps me to keep my room from overflowing! The most interesting and odd place I have ever read was on the mountain tram on the Canada side of Niagra falls. Here we are going up the hill to lunch, with a magnificent view of the water falls, and I’m more interested with the information book I picked up…it was pretty exciting, but oh well, I guess that’s just me! I do want to add though, that on the way down I was finally able to move out of my book and completely enjoy the incredible view!

  7. Thanks for all you do to support our community and to encourage reading. Your web site is so informative. As far as unusual reading spots…….I would have to say up on the roof of my mom’s house in Tucson.

  8. Hi Diane,

    Well personally, I like the worn out carpets @ ESB. I think they fit with the ambiance of the used books & comfort whithin the store.
    As for my most unusual place of reading a book….it would have to be while riding my horse in the desert & in my own personal bathroom.
    I enjoyed the website & look forward to next months challenge.

  9. Hi Mrs. Diane
    I love your website it looks great. I would have to say the most unusual place I have ever read a book would be inside of a portapotty at the beach. I hope you love and also have a great summer.

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