What is the Wants List?

We are again accepting books to buy for the store, and they are pouring in (literally)!  Consequently, if you have been looking for a particular book that has not made our shelves, be sure to come by or call so that we can add it to our wants list.  The wants list is a very low-tech, but effective, system to keep track of things our customers are looking for.  We each regularly review the list of books wanted, and with four or more people watching, we can match quite a few books with the wantee.  What if we don’t call?  Either we did not recognize the book and it slipped by, or it has not come in.  Sometimes new books take six months to a year to really start turning up in the used market, and some titles, like Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson, are handed around and held onto so frequently that they remain hard to find used. If it has been longer than six months and you still want us to look, call again and we’ll update the list.  If desperation sets in, we can always do an internet search for a new or used copy and order one in for you!

So bring us your wants when you bring in your books, Murphy’s Law of Book Selling says that if we don’t write down your name, the book you want will show up the very next day… and we of course will not remember who was looking for it!

See you in the store,


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