OVERFLOW ALERT – Input needed on our book buying times

The river of books is once again in flood stage, and the shelves are bursting….. there is honestly no more room.  So as short as this buying period was I have to stop accepting books as of Monday, September 13.   I will try to open again October 1.

I am considering a new policy in order to minimize the uncertainty that now seems to plague us – Instead of accepting books until we burst, I would start accepting books to buy only the first week of every month.  Estates would be considered by appointment.  I am open to input, so please give me some feedback here or in person.  I would appreciate other ideas as well!

2 thoughts on “OVERFLOW ALERT – Input needed on our book buying times

  1. Makes great sense and that way the general public will learn that first week only and not be disappointed by bringing books that you are just too full to accept.

  2. buy days the first week of the month? makes good sense to me…takes the confusion out for me and possibly makes things a tad bit more predictable from the store perspective?

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