No Street of Lights- Yes Holiday Kick Off Sale!

The Bishop Street of Lights Festivities are this Friday night, and East Side Books will NOT be there – SORRY!  But that is because I will be at the High School Football Field cheering for our Bishop Broncos in the CIF SEMIFINALS, and as much fun as the Street of Lights can be, I really hope to see MANY of you at the game as well!

So, to make up for missing the festivities, East Side Books will be having a storewide sale on Saturday December 4th.  Your entire pile of books, cd’s, movies from in-store stock will be discounted 10%.  So come downtown to the Christmas parade and then stop by the store for a great selection at great prices.  And another bonus – if you show your CIF football ticket stub – we’ll give you 15% off.  Can’t beat that!

Go Broncos!

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