Stressed out for the Holidays? Try Waving!

If you live in the Owens Valley, you have probably heard by now that the Bishop Bronco Football team WON the CIF section championship. The first championship since 1957!  I am incredibly proud of them, as much because they overcame the jitters and anxiety such a big event generated as for any other reason.  It has been an exciting week to see the community support grow to an unprecedented level.  I personally learned yet another lesson from the whole escapade….waving is wonderful, and probably therapeutic.

Kristen Carr, also a football mom, was the genius behind the Bishop Tailgate Parade from Vons to the field.  With an extra girl in our house for the weekend, we thought she and Katie would have fun decorating the truck and joining in….but we were really expecting about ten vehicles with goofy  parents tootling on down to the field with maybe a honk or two.  Instead, there were more than 100 decorated vehicles and people emptying from stores and motels, the fire and police departments, and the whole early afternoon crowd at Rusty’s, to line up and wave along Main and Line.  The boys on the team were not even there since they were already suiting up and getting ready, it was just the enthusiastic supporters cheering and waving to each other.  It was so moving;  just amazing to feel that much positive energy all channeled towards these kids, one of which happened to be my baby.  (okay he is 6’2″ and will hate me calling him baby, but he is).

Remember the reading chains we stretch around the store in the spring?  The Read Across America project has elementary kids and community members contribute links to a paper chain that is then stretched along Main Street, from Penney’s to the fairgrounds last year.  Yes it is a wonderful visual/physical  embodiment of how many books the community reads, and hence how important reading is, but the best part I think for the kids is all the cars waving and honking to support them!  I have said both years that the waving was everyone’s favorite part of the event!

And yet another example –  my kids use Sierra Street to get to school in the morning, and for several years they have counted it a good day if “the waver” was out to greet them.  This gentleman came out nearly every morning and just waved at each car as it went to school or work.  He certainly always looked happy to do it, and as I said, it made our day to see him, so that has to be a win-win situation!  I have not seen him lately, but hope he is still at it.

As our Bishop Broncos played teams from Pasadena and Palos Verdes, the Southern California media made a big deal of the “small town” experience, and and the unique “atmosphere” the city teams would face in Bishop.  We laughed when that theme came out in an LA Times story, since the other finalist team was Boron, and have you seen Boron lately? I think it should be considered small.  Apparently though, proximity to the Big City made up for small population, and they do not have the same qualifications for “small town USA” as we do.  The Times had to mention that the team went waving through the Christmas Parade, but they really should have seen the tailgate parade!  

So to all of my friends and customers that waved us through town to support our boys, THANK YOU.  You made my day and probably the year.  If you are a more sophisticated sort that missed the whole thing or thinks this was all a silly display, let me suggest you give waving a try.  Yelling is good too; “Go Broncos!” works really well, and I am sure Huskies, Eagles or Warriors would as well if you happen to be in those neighborhoods. 

And Soccer Teams?  I am keeping my posters handy – I am all ready for another CIF championship parade!! It should make you glad to know we have the right “atmosphere” here in small town USA!

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  1. Hmmm thanks for yet another funny and interesting post. Where do you get your inspiration for all this :|? – Bosal exhaust

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