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January is here again.  Time to dust off those resolutions of last year and make a new plan.  Whether you are wanting to drop a few pounds, tone up, or learn a new sport, here at East Side Books we have just the right title to help you get started or to firm up your already waning resolve.

Is it just me or were there an extraordinary number of Christmas goodies to sample this year? If you, like me, sugared up over the holiday season and are feeling like you need to find a better eating program, check out our Diet section for advice on healthy eating as well as weight loss.  We carry the most popular weigh loss titles such as Oprah Winfrey and Bob Greene’s sensible Make the Connection, the successful South Beach Diet by Arthur Agatson based on a modified carbohydrate plan, and Eat More, Weigh Less by cardiologist Deal Ornish which lays out a eating program to prevent and even reverse heart disease.  We have several books by Three’s Company star Suzanne Somers.  She has her own system of food combining that seems to work miracles for her if her cover photo is any evidence.  Phillip McGraw offers down-to-earth weight loss strategies in his book Ultimate Weight Loss Solution. We also carry numerous Atkins related diet books as well as lesser known titles such as Idiot’s Guide to Losing Weight, The Sonoma Diet, and Flip the Switch.

But being slim and trim doesn’t guarantee health.  Just as important as a healthy eating plan is incorporating a bit of fitness into your daily or weekly routine.  Our Fitness section is brimming with helpful guides to lead you through short or lengthy exercise programs depending on your individual need. Bill Phillips has outlined a 12-week fitness program in his popular and successful book entitled Body for Life.  He promises great mental and physical strength through intense 20 minute routines 3x a week.  Karen Andes blends spiritual and physical empowerment for women in her book A Woman’s Book of Strength. Andes is a body builder and co-owner of the famous Gold’s Gym. We have a number of other books on weighlifting and bodybuilding including Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Modern Bodybuilding written well before he served as governor of California.

If you are looking beyond just a quick exercise routine, and are wanting to incorporate a sport into your life, look for information under our individual sections labeled Walking, Yoga, Backpacking, Hiking, and Bicycling.  Casey Meyers in his book Walking explains that walking is the best method for weight loss and cardiovascular fitness.  He offers technical advice about how to get the most out of your daily walk.  If you are interested in backpacking, you must pick up a copy of Backpacking One Step at a Time by Harvey Manning.  This still popular classic will give you all the necessary ins and outs of the sport plus teach you how to minimize your impact on the environment while tromping through the woods.  For some local flavor, check out Self-Propelled in the Southern Sierra by J.C. Jenkins.  This titles describes 150 adventure trips throughout the Southern Sierra Nevada mountain: car tours, day hikes, peak climbs, backpacking trips, bike routes, and equestrian outings.  If you are interested in getting your adrenaline pumping, give mountain biking a whirl.  Past world mountain bike champion Ned Overend gives all kinds of tips and advice in his book Mountain Bike Like a Champion. He explains how to improve your performance off road, help you carve through turns, attack steep climbs, and glide over rocks, logs, and ledges.  (LEDGES???)

No matter what your New Year’s resolutions are, we at East Side Books are ready to help and support you in any way.  Please ask for assistance from one of our staff members if you have trouble locating what you are looking for.

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