Writers, Warriors and Warrior Poets

An alert for readers interested in military history, poetry, writing, or soldiers who write poetry …. We just processed a great batch of specialized military history books, including a very hard to find description of the Soviet battle disaster of Kharkov against Nazi Germany in World War 2.  (What started offensively by both sides turned into a rout and nearly 300,000 casualties for the Soviets.  Details of the disaster were kept secret until the late 1990’s, when this book was written).  Aspiring authors should check out some of the new writing books, as well as poetry.  Finally, my son finished with his stack of World War 1 books for his history paper, so that section is full again as well.  Don’t forget history books are on sale this month too!

Here’s some examples: (if I can get the pictures to load correctly)

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