Woodworking Wonders – a great new batch!

For the woodworking and carpentry aficionados, or the wannabees, we have just processed a great batch of books on home building, remodeling, carpentry, tools, and woodworking.  There is a nice selection from the Fine Woodworking series, such as Handtools, Proven Shop Tips, Refinishing and Woodworking MachinesThere are many more interesting titles on hand tools, including Sharpening Basics by Patrick Spielman, and the one I particularly like, Build Your Own Mobile Power Tool Centers, now that is efficiency!  For the more philosophical approach, you may want to read Woodworking Book 1; Plane Perfect by Ian J. Kirby, it really is a whole book on hand planes!  There are some excellent flyfishing books in this batch too….Fathers Day is coming up!

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