Post Popcorn & Poetry Party Pictures

My poetic capabilities don’t really get past alliterations, but, thankfully, that was not true for the poets and poem reciters at our 2011 Popcorn & Poetry Party!  We had an enthusiastic group who brought their favorites to read or wrote their own, one girl even made up masterpieces on the spot! 

As I said to one of my reading friends, I think it is very special to be part of a tradition more than a thousand years old to get together to listen to poems… and all the more fun over popcorn.  This year’s party could not have happened without the planning and preparation of Emma, Clara and Melissa Place, and I am very appreciative.  Thanks so much to all of you who came to celebrate National Poetry Month at East Side Books.  Start looking for your poems for next year’s readings!

One thought on “Post Popcorn & Poetry Party Pictures

  1. Diane and Melissa,
    Thank you so much for hosting this event; Lexi came home so excited and happy after attending, and we are so thankful for your time and energy on this; you and Eastside books are wonderful for our community!

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