Towers and Piles and Stacks of Books, Oh MY!

Yesterday I reached a decision…. although I am always the one that says you can’t have too many books, our store has too many books.  It is a fact.  And unfortunately, they seem to be taking up permanent residence in the store and growing roots rather than finding new and happier homes.

What does this mean for our customers?  It means I will NOT be buying more books in July, and possibly August either.  I need to focus on selling books rather than buying books and stuffing more into our already overstuffed store.  I am sorry for any inconvenience, but really I see no option.  If you have an estate or some special situation, please feel free to contact me, but I cannot promise to take any more or buy any books for cash.  I am hopeful that backpacks full of summer reading material leaving the store will solve the problem and we will resume our buying schedule in a month or two.

Thanks for your support.


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