Happy Halloween! Haunted Bookstore Open House Pictures

Our Haunted Bookstore transformation to Hogwarts School of Wizardry was pretty successful, we were taken over by miniature witches and wizards, plus some pumpkins and a policeman…. Thanks so much to all of the store staff, family and friends who did an amazing job and were, as always, patient with me! 

Thanks especially to Luna (aka Autumn) for keeping Herbology in line, Hagrid, (aka Matt) for reffing  Miniature Quidditch, Hermione (aka Rachel) for helping her many serious students in Potions,  Goblins Katie and Dana for running the Gringotts Treasure counter, Pansy (aka Lindsey) for protecting searchers in the Forbidden Forest,  Cedric (aka Connor) and friends for expert cobweb installation and assistance throughout, and the good witches Kim and Jennifer for the front counter and feast preparations.  Whew! 

Enjoy some pictures!

2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween! Haunted Bookstore Open House Pictures

  1. Love your photos of the Hogwarts Party! I really wish we could have attended. You put on the most amazing events. Bishop is so fortunate to have Eastside Books. Looking forward to our next trip to your store.

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