Philosophy 101

The last time I studied philosophy with any serious intent was during a college course entitled Intro to Philosophy. There were eight women and one male professor. We were all eager and devoted students, but by the fourth class, we had reduced our professor to such a state that at one point, he repeatedly banged his head on the table in frustration. We just weren’t willing to think as linearly as the study of philosophy required, but it sure was an interesting class.

Lately, I’ve been thinking that I’d give philosophy another chance.  Not wanting to drive a second professor to madness, I decided upon a self-directed course, and this led to me the shelves of East Side Books. I bet some of you, like me, are not even aware that East Side HAS a Philosophy section, but there it was tucked next to the Self-Help section (where I might be able to find something about coping with failure to send to my old professor.)

As I perused the shelves, I saw a number of old friends, beginning withThe Works of Plato, which I remember as required reading for all college freshman. I also recognized The Philosophy of John Stuart Mills, a philosopher I read during my brief stint as a Political Science major.

There were also a number of works by philosophers who’s names I recognized, but have not studied. For example, Negel’s Phenomenology of Spirit (am going to have to look up the word ‘phenomenology’) and works by Leviathan and Hobbes.

But since I’m just getting back into the science of philosophy, I think I will stick with a volume that will give me somewhat of an overview of the most popular great thinkers. One tome I might check out isThe English Philosophers from Bacon to Mills. Or I might try the enticing Ethics for Modern Life.

I think my professor would be proud of me for giving philosophy another try. Although, he might also slowly back away. Regardless, if you have an unfinished quest for knowledge in Philosophy or any other subject matter, stop by East Side Books and let us help educate you. We are happy to help guide you towards any kind of discovery you are interested in making.

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