Quilter Wannabe

I am a Quilter Wannabe. I have the burning desire to make quilts even though I lack the patience, and tend to estimate rather than measure precisely. Several years ago, I became so obsessed with the craft that I entered a few of my quilting attempts in the local Tri-County Fair.  I did earn a ribbon or two (not too hard to do when you are the only one in the category), but one of the judge’s comments read, “Quilts are supposed to be square.” OUCH!  But this “constructive criticism” didn’t dampen my quilting enthusiasm, and I still find myself fingering fabric and dreaming up patterns.

When I need a fresh supply of quilting inspiration and instruction, I make a beeline for East Side Books. The shelves of my favorite used bookstore are loaded with excellent quilting tomes that are calling to the inner quilter in all of us.

If you are a beginner wanting to dive into quilting for the first time, check out The  Complete Quilting Course by Gail Lawther. Her step-by-step guide includes excellent photos and drawings to make even the most puzzling techniques a snap. She offers instructions for a number of different types of quilting projects including quilted table runners and baby doll quilts. Another excellent beginning quilter source is The Complete Book of Quiltmaking by Michele Walker. The understandable instructions and wonderful photos of traditional quilts are well worth the $6.00 price tag.

Expert Cialis Online quilters looking for intricate designs and patterns will be challenged by Crazy Quilt Odyssey by Judith Montano.  This book offers instructions for delightful and intricate quilting-making designs in the Victorian Needlework tradition. I also love the wonderfully whimsical designs in the book Art Quilt by Sue Pierce and Verna Suit.  Advanced Quilting by Elsie Svennas is required reading if you want to take your quilting skills to a new level.

If you are like me, a Quilter Wannabe who likes to look at quilts more than actually take the time to make them, you might want to check out Better Homes and Gardens American Patchwork & Quilting. I could spend hours looking at the photos and imagining the stories behind each quilt. In that vein, Carrie A. Hall and Rose G. Kretsinger have written a wonderful history of quilting making entitled The Romance of the Patchwork Quilt in America. Pick up a copy and discover the story behind the craft.

There is even a bestselling literary series by Jennifer Chiaverini that revolves around quilts and quilt making.  We have a number of her titles including The Quilter’s Legacy, The Runaway Quilt, and Round Robin in our Literature section.

So to all you quilters and Quilter Wannabes, make a stop at East Side Books today to check out our wide selection of excellent quilting books, and get started on your new project today. (Fabric and thread not included.)

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