A Bag of Summer Reading?

Every year since my children started school, I have ended their school year with a bag of books for summer reading, and maybe a treat or two.  They may or may not like my choices and may not even read them all, some are are books I think they need to read, some are linked to their current interests, and some are purely fun.  It is a reminder that their education is based on reading and ultimately in their own hands not in the schools.  It is also practical since we live a ways from town and may not have a new book handy. 

I am way, way behind this year collecting my three bags of books, but it is a tradition I love and don’t want to give up.  Hmm, do I still give them books when they hit grad school?

In case I can convince you to stock up on your kid’s summer reading as well, I have put all of the children’s and young adult books on sale in June.  Our gently used books are already a bargain price, which is perfect if you are filling a bag with some that may stretch their reading interest!  It always amazed me how often my kids would pick up and read an unusual book if it was there in front of them, and I am happy to say they all still enjoy reading for pleasure. 

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