The Time Life Old West Series – Best in the West

Some Time-Life Series have, without question, exceeded their useful life.  Even the argument that “kids can use them for reports” is no longer true, and if you still think so, stop.  I certainly have had to.  A huge exception is the Old West series, with their faux tooled leather covers and gorgeous photos, reproductions of great artworks and new illustrations, this series is informative and beautiful.  It is a 26 book series, and we now have all of the titles, even the hard to find copies of  The Alaskans, The Women and The End and the Myth.  Many families have copies of The Cowboys and The Gunfighters, I think these were the introductory editions for the subscription book club, but there are so many more!

The Time-Life editors are masters of readable history, and if you have any interest at all in Western history, you are going to want to come fill in your set or discover them for yourself.  From railroads, to the Spanish American War, ranchers to loggers, these are fascinating.

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