Great Reception for Robert Miller

Here at the bookstore, we all feel fortunate to get regular visits from Robert Miller – he has gifted us prints over the years and shares his work in progress and talks about the trials and tribulations of getting a work to his desired finished product.  He is fun and an inspiration to us, and we feel like we know many of his works quite well.  So it was especially fun to hear the visitors, especially other artsits, at Robert’s reception last Saturday.  Why do we love Mist on Marsh Lake so much?  Oh yeah, it is  his use of gray values and the exceptional reflections in the water, so hard to do in pencil…  It was also fun to hear him discuss the locations and processes with such animation and enthusiasm, not that he ever lacks either, but in his words, “it recharged his batteries”.   Many guests echoed our feeling, that we can’t wait to see more work.  Thanks Bob, you recharge our batteries too.

One thought on “Great Reception for Robert Miller

  1. I love that every picture has a story behind it….long hikes, adventures to get to just the right vantage point, many return visits to get the sketch just right, and the way he takes artistic license and “moves” mountains occasionally. Bob is such a gift from the universe and I treasure our daily visits!

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