New Store Credit Policy Coming November 1

Book selling is changing, and I find I have to make some changes that are a little uncomfortable in order for the store to survive. I think book stores add much to a community’s assets and character, so surviving is important to me. While overall sales have dropped significantly in the past two years, I have especially lost cash sales, which means I do not have sufficient cash flow to cover sales tax, rent, or other hard costs.

So, as of November 1, we will continue to buy books for the store at 50% of resale for store credit. However, only ½ of future purchases may be paid with store credit, and the balance must be cash (or of course checks or credit cards).

Changing to ½ store credit and ½ cash for purchases matches the policy in most stores that I have researched. My store credit customers bring in excellent stock and I do not want to lose that.  Used books ordered for you may still be 1/2 credit and 1/2 cash.  New books and consignment art, however, either from off the shelf or ordered for you, may not be purchased with store credit.

I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this change may cause you, and I hope I can look forward to your continued support. I truly appreciate your loyalty and friendship over the past seven years, and want to be sure the store can continue for all of our benefit.

With sincere thanks,  Diane

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