101 Gift Ideas: #37-42 Purely Adorable Junior Elf Books

Hurry, because these are selling quickly on-line!  We now have a basket of vintage Junior Elf Books, published by Rand McNally from the 1940’s through 1960s.  They are a small format 5″x6″ light weight hard cover with brightly colored illustrations on the cover and throughout.  They were not expensive children’s books when published, or now for that matter, more along the lines of The Little Golden Books – the kind of book a mom would purchase to keep her child busy on a shopping trip. 

It is hard to identify the tipping point for vintage childrens’ books; the point when they are adorably nostalgic versus embarrassingly outdated, but these little books have all of the charm required to qualify.  They would be a perfect multi-generational present, or could even be framed!

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