101 Holiday Gift Ideas: #83-88 Start A Series

One of my aunts (thank you Aunt Gayle), gave me wonderful stacks of children’s series books each year at Christmas for about five years, and I absolutely loved those stacks.  The Bookmobile never carried Happy Hollisters or Trixie Belden on its small shelves, so I  would have missed those great series without that special gift.  And the stack of Walter Farley Black Stallion books?  It was handed around to about every girl in Benton – you got your money’s worth on that gift Aunt Gayle! 

So in honor of my Aunt’s generosity, consider giving a stack of series books.  There are so many to choose from, from vintage and classic to new and cool….and they can appeal to adults as well as kids!  With some exceptions, like Harry Potter, few need to be read in order, so you can pick up an affordable handful from our shelves that may just spark a lifetime love of reading!

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