Storybook Christmas Tree Drawing Winners

A very impartial judge, Orion picked the winning contestants in the Storybook Christmas Tree Gift Certificate Drawing today!  And for extra good news, we picked two winners.  Congratulations to Jarod, Suzanne Pfeil’s grandson, and Wendi for coming up with 10 storybook/ornament links and winning the random drawing for $25 gift certificates.  Wendi found an Alice in Wonderland connection that had never occurred to me, and Jarod saw a link  to Nanny Mcfee which I have yet to discover!  It was fun to hear so many story interpretations – some were obvious but others entirely original and innovative.  I won’t give the list away in case we do the contest again, but I will undoubtedly have some new additions to the collection in any case. 

And next Christmas, I am determined to have more storytimes to read all my favorites again, even if it requires bribing children to come listen!

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