Leprechaun Party and Storytime Photos 2014

Such an enthusiastic group at the Leprechaun Party this year!  Kids and adults seemed to enjoy the stories, crafts and games, although I brought home waaaay too many treats!

As always,  these parties wouldn’t work at all without the wonderful help from a whole crew.  Since I want to read stories, I truly rely on these folks to keep the rest of the party rolling.  I especially want to thank Jen for putting in the long- hours day and her organizing skills. Thanks to our neighbor Chris for rescuing our photography efforts, all errors and other omissions are strictly ours! Also a huge thank you to lovely Autumn for helping shelve in preparation, and sharing one last party before she graduates and is off to college.  (Remember that first Books and Barnyard event?  You will be so missed here Autumn, but of course we are thrilled for you too ).

In the leprechaun assistant department, thank you AJ for being so helpful, flexible and patient, Carson for extraordinary leprechaun trickery, Emma and Clara for unbound enthusiasm and craftiness, of course Rachel and Matt for stopping for a visit and helping to clean up, and Katie for treat preparation, treasure coordination, and crew recruitment!  As our eighth leprechaun event wrapped up, it was hard not to get nostalgic, so many kids have grown up now attending and then helping out.  Eight years is a long time in a childhood and so many of my helpers have grown up…big sigh, but thank you for sharing these fun  times and some silliness.

Here are some photos, hopefully a few more to come.



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