Mule Days Book Signing with Author Cynthia Attar, The Mule Companion

mule companionWe are pleased to announce another Mule Days event for you, a fun booksigning with Washington author Cynthia Attar.  She will bring her popular book  The Mule Companion, A Guide to Understanding the Mule  with her to sign on Saturday, May 24 immediately following the parade (park on the East Side of Main Street!!)  We’ll have some refreshments and the air conditioning on if it is hot, so please stop by for a visit! 

This book has been in publication for the past 20 years, with the most recent edition published in 2009. Here’s a quote from the author on her book:

“This book was the first one I wrote. I am a mule lover and spent a chunk of my adulthood training horses and mules. This book is what I learned through the “school of hard knocks” working with mules. In this book you will find comprehensive information about training, caring for, breeding mules and more. Written in a down-home style, this is a MUST for all mule enthusiasts and future mule owners.”

Ms.  Attar is a psychic medium for pets and people, so is sure to have a unique perspective on mule training. Her bio states: 

Cynthia Attar, previously a mule trainer-schooled by the mule itself, learned how the mule mind works. Using this information, she obtained amazing results without force, fear, or pain. With a deep love for mules, Cynthia now empowers others to understand these long-eared equines, and aims to show how great mules truly are and to show the bond that mules and their people share. Currently as one who communicates with all animals, and aids in their healing, Cynthia resides in Washington State with her animal friends. She continues to write and share her passions with the world.

I’m looking forward to meeting her and seeing all of you!  Please call or email if you have questions or want to reserve a copy of The Mule Companion.

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