Please be Patient!

The good news – Renovations have started at the new Main Street location for Range and River Books.  The bad news is that we may experience various levels of chaos in the meanwhile before we are settled in.  Please, please be patient for a few weeks as we scurry around to be ready.  I will keep the existing store open as much as possible, and we are already posting 30% off sales throughout the store.  We will NOT do any more special orders until we are settled in the new store. I really apologize but  I think the potential for poor follow through or lost paperwork is just too high.  We also will not accept books for credit in August, but we generally do not anyway.

We will probably have to close both store for a week to transfer the shelves and books, which will be the biggest disruption.  I will switch over to the new website as of August 1, which may or may not cause confusion.  If anyone has questions or problems, please be sure to speak to me (Diane) or leave me a message and I will get back to you.

I am apprehensive looking at the logistics, but fully believe the end result will be worth it!  New local products, treats, comfortable seating,  foot traffic,  and plenty of books will be all for the good. With your patience and support, I know it will be worth the effort!

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