Staying Humble…and Flexible

Since you are reading this, I presume you are a friend of the store and I’ve already asked you to be patient over the last four months as we try to open the NEW and improved store.  Well we thought the end was in sight, and it is, but the view just got a little muddier over the weekend.  Friday night our home got hit with a very localized flash flood.  We had an estimated 3-4 inches of rain plus hail in an hour while 3 miles down the road had .10 inch. My daughter was home and stoppered up the doors to our main house and shoveled madly on her own until more help came with bigger shovels.  Unfortunately most of that water and mud still tried to run through my garage room which was a big physical to-do list for the new store – the display tables getting refinished, some vintage crates, boxes of books of course, my freezers, and other handy things were surrounded by swirling mud.  Not that much was destroyed fortunately, but it sure is a dirty mess that needs to be cleaned up, in addition to whatever needed doing in the first place.  So my friends, I’m asking for your patience again.

For some good news, my daughter and I drug our soggy selves to the San Francisco gift show since we had the tickets and reservations.  I am very excited about the things we have decided to carry in the store to complement our wonderful books, and I think you will be too!  To my surprise, we actually dealt with a number of artists and business owners directly, so it was a much more personal experience than anticipated.  Plus I had my daughter’s good taste to help with picking things, which is certainly an improvement over what you would see if I was alone.  I won’t reveal any new things yet, but stay tuned!

And for more good news, the new store is coming along REALLY  well!  Paul Sarten with Kiwi Construction is doing a fabulous job in renovation, and I know you are going to love it like I do!

Come visit the old store for the great moving sale prices, and I’ll keep scheduling changes posted as best I can.


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