Grand Opening Extravaganza

What a great turn out for our Grand Opening Celebration!  The store was truly hopping, and everyone seemed excited and pleased to be there.  My family and I truly appreciate all the support and good wishes, it is so nice to celebrate a little after all the weeks of scrubbing, painting and hauling!  We really can’t say enough how glad we are to have the loyal customers we do, and it is so, so good to see new faces as well.  It was certainly the best possible blessing on the new venture to see you all!

There are too many people to thank, but here are a few that can’t go unrecognized: Store staff – Courtney (who managed her first Saturday morning alone while I cooked!) Kayla, Lindsey, Chris, Celica, Rachel, Carla and Jennifer (and mini-helper Sarah),  and their families too, Bob Miller, who brought new artwork to display and frequent treats, Rearview Mirror band (Brad, Brian and  Bart), Brian Grevenkamp for stepping in as a roadie, Corrie Delgiudice for bringing over ground Looney Bean coffee, especially the DELICIOUS Range & River blend, Kaylie Barrett for sharing her wonderful piano music through the evening, Greg Smith and Charlie Broten for agreeing to play and showing up with NO advance notice,  my friend Cindy and niece Elisabeth for sending gorgeous flowers, Deb Murphy for writing a great article about the new store in the Inyo Register, Lauren at KIBS for making sure we got radio advertising, and again, all of you wonderful friends and loyal customers for your support and kindness.

If you missed the big day, we would still be very glad to see you, come drop by!

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