Plaid Friday & Cider Monday

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Yes I am shamelessly “borrowing” these ideas from other bookstores, but I think they are okay with it…

Don’t get sucked into the dismal, quagmire of Black Friday shopping- what a terrible idea anyway!  Makes you  think of the Stockmarket Crash and other catasrophic events.  I know braving the crowds in a mall would be catastrophic for MY holiday mood.  Now Plaid Friday is much more colorful, diverse, and just plain interesting, just like shopping in our local  bookstores, right? And Cyber Monday?  Why bother when you can enjoy Cider Monday at Range & River Books.  We’ll serve hot spiced cider all day, offer up some special deals, and even gift wrap! 

The Cider Monday idea comes from the well named Toadstool Booksops  in New Hampshire.  Here is what the owner, Willard Williams,  says about the shopping event, which I cannot put any better:

Shoppers are promised cider, smiling servers that will not crash, personal service and advice, the opportunity to touch and try before adding to the cart (err… armful), no logins or passwords, payment in cash if desired, and always free freight. Simply take your purchases home with you, no charge.

Locally owned stores everywhere are invited to join in this year’s celebrations.



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