Library Reseeding Gift Certificates

Last Friday, we watched fire truck after fire truck roar by the front window.  We knew the winds were howling and obviously a fire was threatening to our north.  It wasn’t until much later that night and then the next day we realized what horrific damage that fire, the Round Fire, did to the homes of our friends and customers in Round Valley, Swall Meadows and Paradise.  Of course we join everyone in relief that there were no more serious injuries, and appreciate the efforts of the many, many firefighters and helping neighbors who did what they could to prevent worse damages.  Not  much else can be added. 

For those who did lose their homes, you have our heartfelt sympathy.  I know many of you are book lovers and readers.  When you have shelves to refill, we would like to help replace your treasured volumes, so there are gift certificates available here at the store for each household.   Any one at the front counter can sign one out for your family with some form of identification.   If you have any questions, please contact Diane at the store.

2 thoughts on “Library Reseeding Gift Certificates

    1. Well the one thing I certainly have to offer is books! Hopefully it comes in handy as people get their lives back to normal. Thanks for spreading the word Lynn.

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