Exciting Collection Now Hitting the Shelves – Starting with Yosemite and John Muir

Of course given our location, some topics are always in hot demand, and we can never keep enough books in stock from our normal used book sources (again, valiant effort though, right?).  John Muir and the Sierra Nevada top that list of sought after topics.  Well we are pleased to tell you we have acquired a VERY comprehensive collection and will be adding stacks of interesting books on Mr. Muir himself, Yosemite, Owens Valley history, Sierra history, Western history, trains, and much more to our shelves in the coming weeks.

If you have been waiting for a certain local book to turn up, or are interested in Muir’s more obscure travels and letters, now is your chance to put your name in or browse the newly shelved sections.  It will take awhile to get these all processed, but what a treasure trove!  I’ll give you a sampling here from the first box!image

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