Field Guide to Dragonfly Fans of Bishop

Did you know that dragonflies have teeth (they are predators) and they can bite(sort of)?  Did you know they can’t walk?

Dragonfly author Kathy Biggs and husband Dave Biggs at 9/2/2015 Booksigning
Dragonfly author Kathy Biggs and husband Dave Biggs at 9/2/2015 Booksigning

Did you know there were no field guides for dragonflies until author Kathy Biggs grew frustrated researching the lovely creatures visiting her new garden pond and subsequently wrote and published her Common Dragonflies of California?  Fun booksigning yesterday with Kathy, her husband Dave, and  Ron and Barbara Oriti!  These four were full of interesting bits of knowledge about the odonata, plus good stories!  One of the best stories is how these former Sebastapol neighbors independently became fascinated with dragonflies and linked up again years after the Oritis had moved here to Bishop.  And then there is the story about Ron leeeaaaning over a creek in New Mexico last week to photograph a perfect specimen….not a happy ending for his wonderful Nikon.

We still have copies available of the Dragonflies of the Greater Southwest, Common Dragonflies of California, and even a coloring book!  We also have coloring contest pages if your young ones want to participate. Stop in soon if you missed the party!

Indulge me here, but I do get a smug sense of satisfaction when I can serve a whole meal from my garden, and this party menu was close!  (I do see many, many dragonflies in my garden which is near a pond, so it is related.) We had zucchini served three ways, and it would have been four if the zucchini chips had turned out anything like the lovely crisp, browned, discs in the Pinterest picture.  Armenian cucumbers with dill, tomatillo salsa, cherry tomatoes and even the flowers also came from the garden.  Makes me imagehappy after a gardenless summer last year!  If anyone knows how to make crisp zucchini chips though, let me know.

Don’t forget we sell the well labeled photo posters by Ron Oriti that will be immensely helpful (as well as beautiful) as you learn your dragonflies.   Kathy Biggs also has an informative website ( and there is an interesting public group on Facebook called Western Odonata if you want to learn even more!







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