Celebrating 92 Years with Robert Miller

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you have been in the store at all, or followed our social media, you know how Robert Miller’s art fills our life here at the store.  We have been showing his artwork since about 2010, and enjoying his company even longer than that.  Bob makes a daily circuit from one end of town to the other, probably five miles round trip, and we are glad to be one of his daily stops for a chat and an art update.

While he recently has been feeling his age, he says, the rest of us sure don’t think he shows it!  I am always impressed at his willingness and interest in learning new things and studying new topics.  Art of course is high on the list, and he studies techniques of the old masters but also Degas,  NC Wyeth, Howard Pyle, and anyone else that shows a technique of interest.  Color and color values fascinate him and I am frequently sent on book research errands on that topic.  Besides art though, topics include psychology (Maslow is a hero since he designed a mental hospital in the 60’s), geography of the Sierra, botany, music, brain functions, the Welsh in Patagonia, and this month, German.  If you need an example of keeping your brain sharp by learning and keeping your body mobile by staying active, Bob is your man.  The breadth of his reading and the things he remembers, his self discipline and ability to focus, astound me regularly.

I know he touches many lives around Bishop, so please feel free to share this invitation with others who may want to drop in and wish him well.

Happy Birthday Bob!

Happy 90th Birthday Bob!
Happy 90th Birthday Bob! 2013
Our artist Bob Miller grabbing some of his favorite molasses cookies.
Our artist Bob Miller grabbing some of his favorite molasses cookies.









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