Leprechaun Party & Storytime on St. Patty’s Day for 2016

It is easy to remember, we will be celebrating with the Leprechauns on St. Patrick’s Day for 2016!  Range & River’s annual Leprechaun Party & Storytime will be on March 17, from 5:30 to 8:00.

This is an Open House event, with games, crafts, treats and stories throughout the evening.  Each child will also be able to search for the leprechaun’s treasure too, and toss some lucky coins into the Fairy Well.  It is always a fun and magical evening!

As Neil Gaiman has so eloquently said, we believe that kids will be readers if they see reading as a pleasurable activity. Never mind school, grades or homework, reading great stories is fun and we don’t want the next generation to miss out!  Their little imaginations grow and flourish when they live the stories in their own minds, and (science here) synapse connections are made that help them be higher level thinkers and problem solvers as they grow.  Even Albert Einstein said that if you want your children to be geniuses, read them fairy tales!  So, bring the little ones in your life to hear stories and enjoy some leprechaun magic with us!

Here are some memories from years past to get you in the right frame of mind


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