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  1. Shopping at this bookstore is always a treat. I bring my list of books I am looking for with me however, with the way books are displayed on tables or facing out on the book shelves. I almost always find something by an author I was not aware of to take home with me.
    If I can’t find what I want Diane and her staff always offer to put it in their book to keep an eye out for it to come in.
    A must place to shop if you are an avid book reader.

  2. Great used book store with some great gems to be found. If they don’t have the book you came in for, they will usually have a great book that you didn’t know about.

  3. Hi, Apparently I was doing something wrong with the address because I got through to you with no problem this time. Fun talking with you the other day! Eileen

  4. Dear Diane,

    My brother, Tim Ledford, spoke with you earlier this summer about doing an appraisal of our Mother’s library. I would like to send you the spreadsheet so you could give us an estimate if you are still interested.

    Thank you,
    Kim Ledford
    Fresno, CA

    1. Hi Kim, Yes I remember speaking to your brother. I don’t have the message with your question though, I think it got lost or cut off or something. Can you please email me the question? Thanks! Diane

  5. I’ve always loved meandering through Eastside Books-the smells of the books, their lovely placements-and am so very looking forward to your new location as Range and River Books! Your collection is unparalleled as is your service.
    I’ll be sure to come in soon!

    1. Thanks Laurel! I really appreciate you and all the loyal customers stopping in to visit the new location. It will be organized soon….but everyone has been so patient and supportive, makes me glad to be in Bishop!

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