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December Freeze a Holiday Tradition – Again!

After at least 5 years, it can be declared a tradition….East Side Books will once again NOT accept books for cash or store credit in December!  The next book buying window will open January 2, and continue through January 14.  If you wish to donate books to the store, without receiving any cash or store credit, we are always happy to accept them.

If you have audio books, an estate, or local history books that you believe should be an exception this month, please speak to Diane directly.  No one else can consider saying yes, and I may not either!  There is really only so much space on the shelves, so more books going out means more can come in….Thanks for all of your support and understanding.

New Store Credit Policy Coming November 1

Book selling is changing, and I find I have to make some changes that are a little uncomfortable in order for the store to survive. I think book stores add much to a community’s assets and character, so surviving is important to me. While overall sales have dropped significantly in the past two years, I have especially lost cash sales, which means I do not have sufficient cash flow to cover sales tax, rent, or other hard costs.

So, as of November 1, we will continue to buy books for the store at 50% of resale for store credit. However, only ½ of future purchases may be paid with store credit, and the balance must be cash (or of course checks or credit cards).

Changing to ½ store credit and ½ cash for purchases matches the policy in most stores that I have researched. My store credit customers bring in excellent stock and I do not want to lose that.  Used books ordered for you may still be 1/2 credit and 1/2 cash.  New books and consignment art, however, either from off the shelf or ordered for you, may not be purchased with store credit.

I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this change may cause you, and I hope I can look forward to your continued support. I truly appreciate your loyalty and friendship over the past seven years, and want to be sure the store can continue for all of our benefit.

With sincere thanks,  Diane

Forecasting a Summer Freeze

Don’t need the Farmer’s Almanac for this one, it is definitely coming…. East Side Books will be experiencing a book buying freeze in August!  Have you seen the stacks?  I have told too many people to bring their books back for consideration in July, so we are pushing the freeze into August. 

This gives you time to plan ahead.  Let your friends and family know.  We will NOT accept books to buy for cash or store credit in August.  We will only, and happily, SELL books in August. 

Thanks for understanding.

Towers and Piles and Stacks of Books, Oh MY!

Yesterday I reached a decision…. although I am always the one that says you can’t have too many books, our store has too many books.  It is a fact.  And unfortunately, they seem to be taking up permanent residence in the store and growing roots rather than finding new and happier homes.

What does this mean for our customers?  It means I will NOT be buying more books in July, and possibly August either.  I need to focus on selling books rather than buying books and stuffing more into our already overstuffed store.  I am sorry for any inconvenience, but really I see no option.  If you have an estate or some special situation, please feel free to contact me, but I cannot promise to take any more or buy any books for cash.  I am hopeful that backpacks full of summer reading material leaving the store will solve the problem and we will resume our buying schedule in a month or two.

Thanks for your support.