Is your inventory
computerized?collectible vintage books photo
Sorry, but no.  Our shelves are still the traditional used book store treasure troves organized by genre, subject, and/or author.  We are always willing to help you look for something specific though, and can also direct you to the most likely spots.  We have about 4,000 books listed for on-line sales and in store searches, and are working every day to increase that number.
How are your books priced?
Standard condition paperbacks are priced at half the listed retail price.  Everything else is priced based on condition, demand and scarcity.
Where do your books come from?
Our shelves reflect the amazingly diverse reading tastes of the Owens Valley, nearly all of our books are from local residents trading books for store credit.
If you don’t have the book I want…?
We offer free book searches for used and out-of-print titles and can order books from around the world from other book dealers.  We can also order most new books for you.  Or, if you are patient, we can add your title to our “wants list” and call you if the book comes into the store.
Can I use store credit for any purchase?
As of November 1, 2012, store credit (from books brought in) may be used for up to 1/2 of a purchase on any used books in the store or ordered.  Store credit may not be used on NEW books, either from in the store or special orders, and Consignment Art must also be purchased with cash.
Can I return the book I bought two days ago for a full refund?
No.  You can possibly sell us the book back for cash or store credit – see the book selling section.  If I adopted this return policy, I would be a library!