History Buffs and Scholars – Exceptional Middle East Collection Coming In

We recently acquired an unusual and extensive collection on the Middle East, including religion, history, folk tales, sociology, and a little of everything in between.

Books include university press publications as well as more current popular works, and represent about 40 years of study.  If you have an interest in that region, the three major religions represented there, or would like to have a better background on events of the world today, please come check out this collection.

We are just now getting it sorted and priced, and may have to store some upstairs, so please ask if you are interested in seeing more!


2 thoughts on “History Buffs and Scholars – Exceptional Middle East Collection Coming In

  1. This is terrific news, Diane ! There are many who might be pretty interested in this ! Lucky you – getting such a collection ! There are some teachers of HS who I think might surely be impressed that you have such an addition there just now ! We will plan to go in and see some of that ! You are doing good things ! – Genny Brockman, Round Valley.

    1. Thank you Genny! I do hope I have an interested scholar or teacher that will be interested. I’m a little slow getting them priced, but we do have a lot to look at. Thank you for your kind words and support.

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