Haunted Bookstore 2012 – The Mad Hatter Tea Party

It is so refreshing to decorate for a “mad” event – and the always “quirky” (in the words of one customer today) bookstore looked right at home as a mad, mad tea party! Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate, and especially my helpers, Connor, Katie, and Autumn, and staff Jen, Kim and Lindsey who all stayed late.  Flamingo croquet, Queen of Heart Tarts, Spiced Tea, and lovely Great Basin cookies made it a yummy tea party.  And the meringue mushrooms apparently faked out a few people as real fungus, although no one grew or shrank noticeably.  I had enthusiastic listeners, which makes me happy.  Cody even put up with me reading The Cremation of Sam McGee, he’s a good kid.  I get shivers reading it, but he said he wasn’t scared.  Here’s a few pictures to share the fun.

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