Last Days, Last Days?!

After 9 years and 14 days  owning the store, years of shopping here prior to that, and at least 6 months of “threatening” to move with no real activity, the end is really truly here.  East Side Books will close its doors as of Thursday, August 14.   Even though we are moving on to better things hopefully, I HATE transitions and saying good bye, so this part is not fun…except of course for this green carpet that I promise I will never wax nostalgic over.   I am not going to say much more except thank you to the wonderful customers and staff that have kept the store alive and kicking through the years.  I also owe much to all those previous owners who have left their stamp on the shelves.  I treasure so many people who come through the doors, I am just counting on that part continuing at the new store. 

I still cannot answer the “when will you be open” question, but I can safely say within the next “few” weeks.   Please do come visit us at the new store, and our new website will be up next week as well. 


2 thoughts on “Last Days, Last Days?!

  1. For so many years we have enjoyed your store when visiting the East side of the Sierras from the Bay Area. Our children ( now grown) remember it fondly as the place we’d go when their little legs were too tired to hike. What treasures we still have from your noble store. We just got to Bishop today after a few years hiatus. We put on our shoes to go to the book store. What a shock! The much loved institution is no longer there for us.
    We wish you all good things in the days, weeks? years? That lay ahead.
    Thanks for the memories.
    Clan Little-Riley

    1. Hi Moira, I know the feeling, there has been a used book store on Short Street for 30 years! I hope you find your way to our new location on Main Street. It is the site of the old Pinon Bookstore, which many, many people also fondly remember….so hopefully we will still carry on that bookstore spirit from both legacies. Thanks for your support over the years. Diane

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