2015 Leprechaun Party & Storytime – the First for the New/Old Store

lp-ajlp-clara-w1Our new Main Street location for the treasure trove of new and old books that was East Side Books and is now Range & River Books, raises a few party questions.  This is one of the older buildings in downtown Bishop, will there be more fairy presence here?  Or do the fairies follow the stories?  How can we incorporate our great front porch in the party?  Where oh where will the leprechauns hide all of that treasure in the new space without creating a traffic problem?

IMG_3376Join us on March 26 from 5:30 to 8:30 to find out for yourselves how the leprechauns deal with the new/old space.  We know it will be fun!  We will have crafts, treats, games, treasure, and stories, lots of stories.  The lucky fairy well is under construction and will be installed soon too.  lp-stories1

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