Joys of Technology

Most of you who bother to read this, I have to believe, have fairly  friendly feelings towards the store, so I will beg your forgiveness in advance and vent just a little.  Two recent events have just made me shake my head….really people?  Our technology guru, the wonderful Alden Nash, recently fixed whatever was wrong so that our WiFi works and I was so excited to see a customer using it!  She had connected on her blackberry/iphone/whatever and was going around the store ordering books from Amazon that she found cheaper than in our store…..

Tonight I again experienced a rush of excitement to see that someone had actually linked to our site on their blog!  This is so high tech, next we’ll go viral!   (I know, I know, wrong context).  Of course I had to check it right out.  Turns out he was making fun of one book that has been on our shelf “for years”  (he apparently checks every time he visits town) called “Did Jesus Live in 100 BC?”  He is such a techy that he managed to take a picture of the book on our shelf to illustrate this idiocy.  His faithful commentors decided that us having the book on our shelf was related to us discussing fruit recipe’s in our blog….hmmm. 

Moral of the story,  I had better reserve my excitement for the truly exciting events.  Like kids listening to stories, or finding a book for a student’s class, or someone’s favorite author.  Or maybe I should start responding to some of the spam comments that come in, now those promise REAL excitement.

Thanks again to all who make the store a fun place, and sometimes a funny place as well.


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