Farewell Friend

imageThis morning I said good bye to a dear friend who has been such a huge part of our store.  Robert Bruce Miller (11/6/1923 – 1/9/2016) passed away  early today very quickly and peacefully.

i can’t really write about this yet.  After leaving the hospital though,  my first thought was to walk down Mandich Street to Sunland as the sun was rising and the ravens called.  This was Bob’s traditional “early” walk, to assess the day and note the trees, horses,  birds and mountains.  This is where he spent hours and weeks drawing the two cottonwoods and many other pieces.  As the hives are traditionally informed when a beekeeper passes, his trees know he is In a new place too.  I’m sure they will spread the word.

Walk in peace Bob.

6 thoughts on “Farewell Friend

  1. My condolences. Bob was such a fixture downtown. He often stopped in the store to show me what he was drawing. He never stopped being curious about how to figure out some drawing angle or technique and he produced the most beautiful drawings. I will miss him.

  2. Our family can not thank you enough for all that you did for Bob over the years that made you not only a good friend to Bob but also family. You were closer to him than any family member was. You took great care to look out for him when he needed it. You are one special lady. I have a feeling that in this community you are good friend/family to many. It is wonderful to know someone as lovely and caring as you exists on this great earth. We wish many blessings for you. Rob, Cheryle, Beau and Kristen Miller

    1. Thank you for the kind words, and my condolences to all of you, his beloved family. It has been my pleasure to share many conversations and fun times with him.

  3. Whenever I drove in downtown Bishop I would see Bob walking around. I talked with him many times at Bishop Art Supply and Range and River Books and his birthday party. I
    miss seeing Bob and his curly beard and smile.

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