2016 Romance Cover Winner – The Ranchiest Takes the Prize!

The Annual Romance Cover Contest is always fun – we thoroughly enjoy the comments from customers, and in the case of the Adkins’ family, the “conversation bubbles” inspired by these spectacular and (I think) funny covers.  I can still be surprised by the voting, and I crom cvr1ertainly was this year with my “pink dress” themed choices!  The top choice was Stubborn as A Mule from the Back to the Ranch series.  I was focused on the horsey looking “mule”, clearly Harlequin did not have a great batch of stock mule photos to use for inspiration, but others liked the title, the intense look on the heroine’s face, the scenery, the “local angle, and more than anything else, the fact that both were clothed!  Geez!

Crimson Obsession was the runner up, certainly a more traditional bodice ripper, or in this case zipper ripper I guess.  One of the drawing winners was pleased to accept this volume as part of their prize too!  The 1950’s scandalous covered classic, Tess of the D’Urbervilles was the third place winner.  My favorite, the sword wielding heroine in Seduced by a Spy, sadly, came in last.  Oh well.

rom cvr7A classic but not like you've seen before!rom cvr3rom cvr5

The gift certificate drawing winners were Julie Nellis and Ken Hooper.  Thanks for playing everyone!  I have some great Sci Fi covers just waiting in the wings ready for another contest…..


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